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How to Eat Healthy

Your choice of food is a part of your lifestyle. If you want to be healthy, you need to pick the right kind of food to eat. But with the emergence of fast-food restaurants here and there, it seems a struggle to choose the kind of food we put into our mouths. 

Building a healthy meal is possible if we know what to include in our plates. Allow us to give you a better insight into a healthy eating style. Here are some of the food types you need:

Fruits and Vegetables

To support good health, make sure half of your plate is composed of fruits and vegetables. Go for green vegetables and fruits that are red and orange. 

Whole Grains

The body needs fiber and whole grains give the nutrients and the fiber you need. When you consume grains, make sure half of what you take is whole grains. To make the choice easier, look at the packaging and choose the ones with “100% whole wheat” or “100% whole grain”.

Lean Protein

Protein is required for the body to get going. Choose lean parts of meat from chicken, beef, or pork. You can also eat nuts, tofu, eggs, and beans as protein sources. 


Make your meal more complete with the addition of milk. Choose low fat or fat-free milk to get your dose of calcium needs. If you are not into milk, you can try soymilk or yogurt. 

Healthy Dessert

You can still stay healthy even if you have a sweet tooth. You can go for fruits. Try baked apples or fruit yogurt to satisfy your sweet tooth with a naturally sweet treat. 

No to Extra Fats

We all love our sauces and gravies but they can be bad for us. Stay away from the excess fats by choosing healthy choices like lemon squeeze or parmesan cheese that is low in fat. 

Staying healthy is a choice. Eat right and eat healthily. What you eat has multiple effects on your body so remain disciplined and follow great food choices. For more about food, visit.