Travel Bug – Travel To Local Destinations For Now

It is so difficult to find advice these days on where and when to travel. Covid-19 has really messed up our plans, but it does not mean we cannot enjoy the rest of the year.

Should the travel bug bit you and you do decide to travel this year amid the pandemic, why not just travel locally. Remember, when you travel abroad you might end up being quarantined for 14 days, which would just eat up all your vacation plans.

Look around your state, and there may still be some places you have not been to or explored. However, travelling to local destinations does not mean that you can just go out without worrying about the current situations. Since the health crisis has greatly changed our daily living, it is necessary to know the existing restrictions and health guidelines in your area.

Does your government allow travelling to specific places? Is the area you are going to pack of people? What are the government guidelines for Covid-19? Will you need travel insurance? And all other questions or concerns you may have when you travel locally.

If you go on with your travel plans this year, make sure to keep everyone safe. The government has set the guidelines that we should follow when we go out such as wearing a mask and social distancing so make sure that you follow existing health protocols.

We do not want to burden other people with our travel plans. It is for the good of all to follow whatever guidelines there is in your state so you can enjoy your next vacation.

Food For Healthy Eyesight

It is good to have good eyesight. Your eye health is very important. There are benefits of having a good vision, so keeping your eyes healthy is a very important thing. You will have to find ways that promote healthy eyesight.

Eat foods that promote healthy eyesight

For protection, you would wear sunglasses. If you want a cure for your eye problem then you will have to do a different thing. You have to eat nutritious meals and food rich in vitamin A to strengthen your eyes. You will have to follow a diet that will suit your body. Here are some of the food to include in your daily diet:

Green vegetables. This goes to the top of the list of food items to include in your diet because green vegetables are quite good for the eyes. Almost all green vegetables promote healthy eyesight and can help cure eye problems. Dark leafy greens have some of the nutrients good for eyes like vitamin A, vitamin C as well as vitamin K. Having food rich with these eye-friendly nutrients will optimize your eye health.

Consider age. As we grow of ages our eyesight becomes weak. Hence, with advancing age, there is a need to change your diet. Unless you are not diabetic, you should take lots of fruit juice when you grow old. Drinking juice will certainly be very good for your health.

You see green vegetables are essential to keep your eyes healthy. But as we advance with age, we have to change our diet as well.

Popular Foods To Try When In Singapore

Food is a relevant part of cultural heritage and national identity. It can connect us to people and places. Many travellers visit other countries not just for sightseeing and cultural immersion vacations but also learn about local culinary cultures and customs.

Bak Kut Teh

If you are planning to visit Singapore, you are in for a treat. The country is rich in culture and also rich in food dishes as they are mostly influenced by Chinese, Indian, Malaysian and Indonesian cookeries. When you visit Singapore, try their unique food. Here are some of the popular food you must try:

Bak Kut Teh (Pork Ribs Soup)

Bak Kut Teh is a popular dish in Singapore with Chinese origins. deserves its rightful recognition. It is a humble dish that is made of spices and herbs like star anise. After a good bak kut teh meal, wash it down with hot tea.


Laksa is a traditional Peranakan dish that blends Chinese and Malay flavours and ingredients all in a single bowl. All in the bowl includes rice noodles with shrimp, fish cakes, chicken, served in spicy curry-based coconut soup. 

Chilli Crab 

Singapore is also popular with seafood. Try the signature seafood dish like Chilli Crabs. The iconic dish dates back to 1956 when street food hawker Cher Yam Tian opened a food stand next to the Kallang River. 

Wanton Mee

This noodle dish is a perennial favourite in Singapore restaurants. The traditional Cantonese style has integrated well into Singaporean culture over the years. The country’s version of this dish is commonly eaten dry, and then drenched with sweet sauce, slices of pork char siew and wanton dumplings.

Dim Sum

Another inspired Hong Kong/Shanghai inspired type of cuisine is Dim Sum or Dian Xin. This is not mostly a set of small dishes in one serving that are to be eaten in a group.

Food Travel – Foods To Try In Bali, Indonesia

Are considering Bali, Indonesia in your travel plan once Covid-19 is over? If finding good food is always part of your adventure, Bali is not just a good place to visit but also an ultimate food paradise. The good thing about visiting Bali if you are a food lover is it will cost a lot just to fill your stomach. Check out the food you should not miss on the island:

Snack made of banana or plantain

Pisang Goreng

Pisang Goreng is an all-time favourite fried bananas in Bali. Commonly known as Godoh Biu, they can use different types of bananas, from the small ones to the sweet large ones. The various types of bananas create a different variety of taste. Served with honey or palm sugar syrup, a sprinkle of coconut or a scoop of vanilla ice cream, or just have them plain from the roadside stalls, this snack is a total delight.

Warung Babi Guling Ibu Oka

Enjoy an authentic Balinese dining experience with Warung Ibu Oka. The blend of crispy pork skin, pork blood sausage, fried pork meat, and pork roll creates an appetising taste. Also considered as the national dish of Bali, Ibu Oka provides the best babi guling, made to perfection with the meat melting in your mouth.

Bebek Bengil in Bali

This is a speciality menu of Bali’s ‘original crispy duck. Bebek Bengil is made of a steamed half duck blended with Indonesian spices, deep-fried to a crispy finish. Each serving comes with a side salad or rice, sautéed potatoes and Balinese vegetables. You should try this Balinese favourite because you cannot truly say you have been to Bali without tasting this dish.

About Health

How to Eat Healthy

Your choice of food is a part of your lifestyle. If you want to be healthy, you need to pick the right kind of food to eat. But with the emergence of fast-food restaurants here and there, it seems a struggle to choose the kind of food we put into our mouths. 

Building a healthy meal is possible if we know what to include in our plates. Allow us to give you a better insight into a healthy eating style. Here are some of the food types you need:

Fruits and Vegetables

To support good health, make sure half of your plate is composed of fruits and vegetables. Go for green vegetables and fruits that are red and orange. 

Whole Grains

The body needs fiber and whole grains give the nutrients and the fiber you need. When you consume grains, make sure half of what you take is whole grains. To make the choice easier, look at the packaging and choose the ones with “100% whole wheat” or “100% whole grain”.

Lean Protein

Protein is required for the body to get going. Choose lean parts of meat from chicken, beef, or pork. You can also eat nuts, tofu, eggs, and beans as protein sources. 


Make your meal more complete with the addition of milk. Choose low fat or fat-free milk to get your dose of calcium needs. If you are not into milk, you can try soymilk or yogurt. 

Healthy Dessert

You can still stay healthy even if you have a sweet tooth. You can go for fruits. Try baked apples or fruit yogurt to satisfy your sweet tooth with a naturally sweet treat. 

No to Extra Fats

We all love our sauces and gravies but they can be bad for us. Stay away from the excess fats by choosing healthy choices like lemon squeeze or parmesan cheese that is low in fat. 

Staying healthy is a choice. Eat right and eat healthily. What you eat has multiple effects on your body so remain disciplined and follow great food choices. For more about food, visit.